Somewhere Something Incredible

by Alone In The Universe

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released May 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Alone In The Universe San Jose, California

Alone in the Universe is a chiprock band originating from San Jose, CA. formed by two brothers that create up-beat and energy charged songs with 8bit melody hooks to take you on an adventure of astronomical proportions.

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Track Name: Blastoff!!!
There are only so many places we go we limit
Ourselves to the things we know and in this
We risk missing out on risks and goals it’s ideal
To never get too comfortable

I sat down to write this down and lost
Track of thought and slept on the ground awoke
In the dark, without a sound and thought,
“If this is deep space well I’m ready for blastoff now!”

Any direction, any place in time

Astronomical endeavors
Drive this spaceship out wherever
To places where people aren’t constantly talking bout the weather

I’d rather be lost in time
Than bored stuck back inside
Track Name: Watch Out! Listen!
Reinforce the floodgates while you can
The rush is coming fast we might not get another chance
And for those of you who haven't bailed out yet
I'm glad you stuck around and proud to call you friends

The leaks are growing,
it's overflowing,
try to grab hold of anything
It feels like sinking,
thinking deeply,
the pressure's increasing, at this depth there's nothing to see

Nothing to see
Imagine things
Too scared to sleep
So stay awake
And stay up late
In fear of fate

Watch out! Do you see it comin!?
Listen! Can you hear it runnin!?
I cant breathe! Anxiety!
Watch out! I see it comin!
Listen! Can't you hear it runnin!
Breathe quickly

Hold, back, the shakes (I HOPE WE'LL SEE ANOTHER DAY!)
Fill, up, the leaks (I HOPE WE'LL PULL UP IN THE BAY!)
…Breathe slowly
Can't help but sweat (I THINK WE'RE COMING CLOSE TO LAND!)
Its taste is sharpe and sweet (I THINK I FEEL A BREEZE BEHIND OUR BACKS!)

Hold tight, we're almost clear!
Ignite, engulf this fear!
Track Name: Tygers
Books upon the table
The words lie in my head
Across time, across minds

And I’m amazed by the simple things
Like how we made it through the centuries
And I’m amazed by the simple things
Like how we made it through our history

We keep on writing
Arbitrary markings
Bound up and shelved high
And handed down through time

A universe of wonders
Infinite mysteries
Inside and out of everything
Inside and out of everything

I know one day we’ll go there
We gotta keep on pushing through
It won’t be science fiction
If we make it come true
It’ll be a grand prediction
Of literary wisdom
And I’m all in for it


We keep on writing
Arbitrary markings
Bound up and shelved high
And handed down through time
We’ll pick up the pieces
Continue to pierce through the night
Track Name: Daytime Shmaytime
I woke up in the afternoon
A glare out the window is shining through
And all I see are blue
White skies apartments everywhere
Rooftops, car lots and top notch affordable beer
And this place is a mess but my thoughts are clear

I find that when I take things slow and
Think ahead and plan it out I’m not so impartial
Toward the way things unfold yet
We spin so fast and now I’m off beat
Been thinking about replacing both of my hands with feet
Maybe then I could keep up

But how could I watch my step
If it’s too dark to see the ground in front of me?
Headlights strike trees
And their shadows bounce and scurry
And flutter
I’m blinded by wonder
Continue to blunder
Push through yet another day

I’ll fight through the daylight and through the daytime
And all through the night
The night

I woke up and the sun was down
The lesser stars were out reflecting off the ground
And the planets too I’m sure there’s a few
My brother taught me how to concentrate
And focus hard on one star—see how the others fade out
From your view
And then I thought of you
And thought of family
And of the things we do
And I know why I push
And continue to pull on through
Track Name: We've Landed
We had our course locked
It was set for the dark now we’re off and we’re on track
For anywhere but here
New kinds of atmospheres
Packed our ship for the big leap and now we’re

Voyaging world to world
We had our goals set high
We thought we would find life
Years pass nothing to show
Yet another unsuccessful
Attempt to end the belief we’re alone

We pull up stakes and say the next place will be
The first one for sure we’re fueled by the allure
Of adventure and discovery but I can’t help thinking
I can’t help thinking

What if it never comes?
And if it’s beginning to feel that way
Could we bear the trip back home?
I refuse to let that be our fate
I’d rather burn out here than fill an earthly grave!

We headed out there! There’s so much to see
We’re traveling light years¬–across galaxies

I cannot believe our luck
Witnessed a supernova
Knocked out our satellites but we’re still alive

Last stop we fly in blind
A world hospitable for life
We landed right near the sea
I can’t believe
Track Name: And Everything In It
We looked up and out straight through the night
We looked down around and inside
Bits of light in all directions (Bits of light in all directions)
Illuminate our imperfections
Shining brightly

And I can hear the years pass in my ears
And there's something beautiful in that place fear
So we're going back
We're going back
So we'll head back home

Before we left it we looked at what we found
One look, one final look
We took our seats and bid farewell now we're homeward bound
I'm look out, I'm always looking out

I'm always looking out windows on
Long drives through places I don't know
Though I know there's a reason
We’re singing and screaming!

We headed home! Headed home!
We’ll traveled softly, the void's been calling
We headed home! Headed home!
But when you’re out this long this void starts to feel like home

If that’s the way it has to be
And if it’s cool with you it’s fine by me
Track Name: Let's Make A Killing Making A Living!
You’re out waiting tables working a double shift
Barley making a living off of it
You snap out of a daydream and find you’re upstairs in the office
And you think to yourself, “Oh no! This can’t be it!”

And I know this can’t be it
And I know this can’t be it

If I know one thing
We all need something
And if it’s to be this is the only chance we’ll get
Lets tend the fire
Sift through the mires
Enjoy the ride but never quit, stop, or retire
I guess it’s just the way we’re wired

Barley making a living
At least we’re out here we’re giving it all we got

It’s not just us!
It’s everything!
Whether it’s outside or in
There’s no start there’s no end
There just is