Why I Outta!

from by Alone in the Universe

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I'm red with rust
enduring wear and tear
a violet distrust
of the salt that's in the air
I breathed deep and let it in
it oxidized my bones and skin
now I crumble as I walk and I feel like I might bottom out

But it's not that cold here on the ground
when you're there all the time

I'm teal with love
I like to mix it up
and I go above
through the waves and the lines and I shed off all the rust
The air's crisp, the sun is gold
the turquoise sky looks like my soul
cause I can't see the end in sight

I can do anything
I walk right through the doorway
I can see everything
I look right through the void
I can say anything
I howl right through the white noise
I can feel everything and I think that I might burst

I've got nowhere to go
When I'm there I'll let you know
I'll let you (know)

And it's not that cold here on the ground
when you're there by my side


from Watercolors, released August 23, 2016




Alone In The Universe San Jose, California

Alone in the Universe is a chiprock band originating from San Jose, CA. formed by two brothers that create up-beat and energy charged songs with 8bit melody hooks to take you on an adventure of astronomical proportions.

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