by Alone in the Universe

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Conner Workman
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Conner Workman Alone in the Universe show an excellent understanding of how to thematically link their lyrics and instrumental sound. I especially enjoyed their solely instrumental tracks featured here as well. Favorite track: Sequence Earth.
Matthew Hurtt
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Matthew Hurtt This album through and through makes me feel all kinds of emotions. It's lighthearted, but there's a kind of depth to it that tugs at my heartstrings. I think it's fair to say this is among the best chip-rock albums ever recorded. Favorite track: Why I Outta!.
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The final album from the existential chip-rock band Alone in the Universe.


released August 23, 2016

All songs written (except for Moon River), recorded, programmed, mixed and mastered by Alone in the Universe.




Alone In The Universe San Jose, California

Alone in the Universe is a chiprock band originating from San Jose, CA. formed by two brothers that create up-beat and energy charged songs with 8bit melody hooks to take you on an adventure of astronomical proportions.

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Track Name: Watercolors
Wave after wave
I'm getting lost in the swell
It pulls you in so close
Have you ever felt that way?
Like you're about to melt?

Well it's a first for me
I just close my eyes and let the tide take me
wherever it needs me to be
and I won't complain no I won't say a damn thing
I won't resist I won't say anything

It's so damn bright outside
Can you feel it?

And I hope that we're not alone
cause I've been livin' like we get another shot at livin'but we don't
And I've been livin' like I got another place that I can call my home
but if you're here I'll be alright and I love it when
it's so damn bright outside
eyes closed I can still sense the light
cause it breaks through and pierces inside
and when the waves crash
and the colors splash
I'll be sitting back
and I'll know I'm alive!
Track Name: Sunset Silhouettes
I fell asleep
and I had a dream where
I couldn't breath
What could it mean!?
I couldn't wait,
it started to shake and
I had a dream
but now I'm awake!

And it's all the same
and things are just the way that they were when I went to sleep last night

I can't help it I reach and burn myself, I mold shapes that I never had
I stop and look and see you across the street you laugh out loud while you wash your hands
I clench my fists as I look up toward the sky
my chest's on fire, now I'm breathing it in

Finally after all this time I can
set my watch as I watch this life begin!

And I'll take it on
And I'll take it all on
One more year, a barrage of thoughts, events and things I can't explain
I'll try and write them down
but all I see when I look back are these sunset silhouettes

I had a dream
that I just can't leave
and I just can't seem to give up on the things that I love
I can't let go! I won't let go!
I can't let go! And I won't let go!
Track Name: Life, uh, Finds a Way
I was thinking way too much
so I took the time to look up
but this stream flows relentlessly
and it keeps us moving
and goddam we're brewing
in our own thoughts through the abyss of history

I came up here just to watch it go and here we are:
Creatures without thought fighting for their lives
Single cells divide and photosynthesize
Trees gently push as they reach for the sky

We open our eyes to see
a world that lacks objective meaning
We close our eyes to dream
and just sleep while the Earth spins
and holds us close through its endless turning

And I know
And I know I'm not gonna live forever
that's alright I won't remember when
I go
When I go I'll take my heart and plant it deep
Its roots will burst straight through the concrete

We keep growing
and we don't notice
we only know by looking back

And though I'm not sure of anything anymore
if there's one thing I've learned
it's that it's so absurd how we breath and we eat and we
live and we sleep then burn

We open our eyes to see
a world that lacks objective meaning
We close our eyes to dream
and just sleep while the Earth spins
and holds us close at night

And we take solace knowing that
we have something to fall back on
Track Name: The Great Beyond

I fight the urge to ossify
and to carry this work with pride
it's all we got

And I have to keep up and trudge along (but)
I take time to look at the great beyond
and remind myself where we're from
and where we're going
where we've been
but I think I'm rambling on again

What I say
doesn't carry that much weight
and the things I do can't take me all the way

And what I think
is the same thing everyday
and it's an endless stream of dreams left in my wake

What I say!
What I say!
What I say!
Wait, what'd I say!?
Track Name: Why I Outta!
I'm red with rust
enduring wear and tear
a violet distrust
of the salt that's in the air
I breathed deep and let it in
it oxidized my bones and skin
now I crumble as I walk and I feel like I might bottom out

But it's not that cold here on the ground
when you're there all the time

I'm teal with love
I like to mix it up
and I go above
through the waves and the lines and I shed off all the rust
The air's crisp, the sun is gold
the turquoise sky looks like my soul
cause I can't see the end in sight

I can do anything
I walk right through the doorway
I can see everything
I look right through the void
I can say anything
I howl right through the white noise
I can feel everything and I think that I might burst

I've got nowhere to go
When I'm there I'll let you know
I'll let you (know)

And it's not that cold here on the ground
when you're there by my side
Track Name: At Last, Farewell
I'm just waking up
I try my best to keep ahead of the sun
but it seems to always win
and its size and strength keep us in spin

It looks like we have some time left on our hands
before our system gives to entropy
So let's take the best of what we have
and try and make it last as long as we can
or until we can't

I'm on a roll from the top to the bottom

And I've always taken an interest in
the world outside of me I wonder how it all began
And I don't know how this universe will go
but I'm glad to say that I got the chance to know it